The First Pair of Shoes Has Arrived

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First shoes with fluffy pink borders and dragonfly logo

First Shoes

These are the first pair of shoes for Gracie.  Her Auntie Niki made them.  One is green because Gracie loved the musical Wicked and we had tickets to see it 4 days after she died.  Niki went in our place.  The dragonflies are for Gracie.  Many of you may know the Dragonfly story and we have found many dragonflies amongst Gracie’s things since the crash, so my family has adopted the Dragonfly for her. The pink marabou boa is just, well, it’s just Gracie.  We have pictures of her at 3 months old in a pink boa and she wore them all the  time.  In fact, our friends Marie and Paul brought a bunch for the family to wear to her memorial service at the hospital.  Thank you Niki.

I look forward to seeing more and posting more pictures and stories to show what we’ve all lost.

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