I Meet Someone Everyday….

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Last week we took our daughter, Hannah, and her cousin Maddie to Toronto.  Not having the same interest in Fan Expo that they did, on Friday John and I went down to Me to We to look into a trip for next year.

We had a lovely chat with a woman (M) that works there and we discussed possibilities for the trip and accommodations for me so that I could make the trip as well, without spending the whole time sucking back Tylenol and Ibuprofen out of a Pez dispenser.

Because of computer issues, several times she had to leave us alone and was incredibly apologetic for it.  Funny thing is we were happy because it gave us time to go over some of the logistics for The Empty Shoes Project (John is still worried that I will be disappointed with the number of shoes I get).

On one of the times that we were alone I told John that I wasn’t worried at all because I meet someone EVERYDAY that has lost a loved one or friend to a Drunk Driver.  Just after I said that to him, M (I didn’t ask permission to use her name so I will call her M) came back and mentioned that the Kenyan Boys Choir was going to be in the area this fall and would we be interested in hosting them.  John informed her that we had a busy fall (at least until the end of October).  I told her about Empty Shoes.  When I finished telling her, she paused, looked at me and said,

“I lost my brother to a Drunk Driver.”

EVERY DAY.  I hope for the day that I don’t meet someone that has lost a friend or family member to a drunk driver.  Then maybe I’ll feel like there’s hope for us.

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