Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

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Am I the only person that has noticed that the statistics always show it as “Impaired Driving Deaths” and there is no number for “Killed by Impaired Drivers”?

I asked a coroner about that number so he explained it to me. (I have since asked several people in the medical, judicial, government about this to have it confirmed because I thought it sounded wrong but yes, this is how it works)

So to get this number for Impaired Driving Deaths here is what happens.  If a driver is killed, then they take their Blood Alcohol Level.  If it is Over.08, then they count as an Impaired Driving Death.  If it is a single car crash and they have a passenger, then it is counted.

If the driver survives and is Over .08, unless the Crown Attorneys decide to press charges for Impaired Driving Causing Death, then it counts as and Impaired Driving Death.  If they don’t press charges, then it doesn’t count.

So the only way to drop the number of Impaired Driving Deaths is if more drunk drivers survive and/or if less charges are pressed by the Crown Attorneys for Impaired Driving Causing Death.

It truly makes me wonder, as someone from Ontario, that if you consider that Ontario always has the largest number of road deaths but has the lowest number of Impaired Driving Deaths what is really happening????

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