“Impaired Driving rates are lower than they were 25 years ago…”

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Once again I have to ask why all politicians use the same statistics to quote.  So, being me, I chose to go looking.  Guess what I found.  The reason that they all quote the comparison of the rates from 25 years ago.  That is because if they quoted the statistics 15 years ago, the rates would be higher today.

That’s right folks.  In the last 7 years we’ve lost all of the gains that we made in the previous 9-10 years.  We have gone backwards since 2006.  In order to find a level lower than today’s, you would have to look at numbers from the 1990’s.

Our rates are going up and since we now know that the courts are withdrawing the bulk of  Impaired Driving Causing Death charges, it could only mean that more drunk drivers are killing themselves.

So we have already discussed the fact that Impaired Drivers are the number one cause of criminal death in Canada.  The number of people killed by drunk drivers significantly outnumbers the number of people killed by all other methods of homicide  combined yet “Impaired Driving accounted for only 6% of all admissions to sentenced custody in correctional services in 2010/2011.” (Impaired driving in Canada, 2011 – Juristat Article, Statistics Canada).  That means that although Impaired Drivers account for more than half of the killings in Canada, they only account for 6% of the prison population.

And I haven’t even ranted about the survivors yet.  I received an email from a mom just yesterday asking if she could send shoes for her daughter even though her daughter survived.  After reading her story, I cried.  It was so much like ours.  What this young woman has survived is nothing short of miraculous and I only hope that she and her mom know how impressive they are.  Nothing that anyone does will ever give Sara her old life back but it’s time for the courts to recognize what was stolen from her.

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