Another Milestone…

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Grace Nicole Wynen  11 years old taken 2 week before the crash

Grace Nicole Wynen
11 years old
taken 2 week before the crash

This is the last school photo that I have of Gracie.  Today Gracie would have been starting high school.  What do I do with that knowledge?  Some days I just don’t want to get out of bed. (Of course tonight, I can’t seem to make it into bed)

The next time I hear someone say that the drunk drivers have to live with their actions for the rest of their lives, I will point out that they at least get to live.  Which is more of a choice than our loved ones got.  It’s days like this that I stay away from discussions about what penalty would be sufficient for Impaired Driving Causing Death.

Based on the number of victims of drunk drivers 653 (from 2006 – I am trying to find a more recent number) and the fact that 18%-24% of fatalities of crashes involving alcohol are under 16 (I’m going to assume that they were not the drunk drivers – and the percentage varies from year to year, although it also seems to be going up) there are roughly 150 other CHILDREN not starting school today in Canada because they were killed by a drunk driver.

If you actually add in the roughly 2% increase in impaired driving per year and assume that that number translates to the same 2% increase in victims every year, then you actually have 180 CHILDREN not attending school this year because they were killed by  drunk drivers.

How’s that for  math skills?  Pretty sad when someone with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury can figure out what their own government can’t.  Is it any wonder they can’t balance the budget.

Okay those last couple of lines were a little snippy but it’s 1 am and I can’t sleep (yet again).  At least I edited out my original ending (“Put that in your pipe and smoke it.” )  Now that would have been really snippy.

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