A late night thought

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This sign was taped to Gracie’s headboard:

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Native American Proverb

If I were a child today, I think that I’d ask for our loan to be called due.  With the mess that we’re making we’ve become a pretty big credit risk.

I’m sitting here, in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep because of pain, and I have heard no less than 20 adds on the TV for lawyers and ex-coppers that will represent you if you’ve been arrested for a DUI.  Obviously, it’s big business.  If only we had that many Crown Attorneys willing to prosecute as passionately and as many politicians willing to recognize there is a problem and to close up the loopholes so that that is possible to get these criminals (yes, I used the “c” word with drunk drivers) off of the roads, preferably before they kill someone.

2 Responses to A late night thought

  1. Yeah, I’ve always found those lawyer ads on American or late-night TV disturbing. Justice is available for a price, absolutely.

    What’s truly horrifying to me? Chris Bentley, the former Attorney General of Ontario, was the defense lawyer for the person who killed my brother and his friend in a drunk driving crash.

    Think about that.

    Our very own Attorney General, overseeing laws and setting the tone, doesn’t think that drunk driving is a crime.

  2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t watching American TV. These were Canadian ads. I have to agree with you about the problem starting at the top though. I sat in a room with two Crown Attorneys that put on a better defence for the Drunk Driver in our case than any defines attorney that I know. I have heard from more than a few police officers as well that the problems are starting at the top and it has them very concerned. The Premier and the Attorney General do set the tone of each province and in the case of Ontario it has been disturbing.

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