Well I just never saw that one coming…

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I heard a story last week that broke my heart.  A young girl (18 years old) was hit by a Drunk Driver.  She is now a quadriplegic , amputee, she’s had strokes because of the crash. The Drunk Driver had been convicted 3 times prior of Drunk Driving offences.   Even after all of that happened to her, he still only lost his licence for 10 years (18months in an alcohol rehab facility).

I often wonder what goes through the courts collective heads when they allow someone with multiple convictions for Driving Drunk/Impaired to continue driving.

I also wonder what they say when the person goes on to kill/severely injure someone.  “Well, we just never saw that coming.”

I wonder if they’re the same people that stand on the beach watching to see if the storm surge from a hurricane will really be as big as predicted.

I wonder how the prosecution and sentencing would change if, instead of sending the Impaired Drivers to jail the Defence Attorney, the Crown Prosecutor and the Judge were all give provisional sentences for everyone they allowed back on the road.  If the Drunk Driver re-offends, then all of them go to jail instead.  Something tells me that may be the only way we get the courts to listen and take this seriously.

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