Blame it on the ….

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“Blame it on the Alcohol” is the name of a song, not a valid defence.  Here are some of the excuses that I have heard for drunk drivers not being charged after they have injured or killed someone:

1.  In order to be charged, they must be able to form malicious intent but they are not able to form malicious intent when they are drunk.

2. I didn’t realize I was that drunk.

3. It was only his first offence.

4. He/She’s just a kid.  This will ruin the rest of their life.

5. The other driver pulled out in front of them.  They only had 3 seconds to react.  They never had time.

So, here is my reply to those (I’m sure there are others, please feel free to send them to me.  I can put them in my book.  I’m thinking the title should be “Drunk Driving for Dummies.”). I will give appropriate responses to each in order.

1. Did they plan another way home before they started working their way through that two-four of beer? No.  Then I guess they formed malicious intent when they were still sober.

2.  Just how drunk did you realize you were?

3. So….. what other offences can they get away with the first time?  Murder, break and enter, armed robbery??? Ju-u-u-s-t checkin.

4.  At least they still have a life.  That’s more than they gave my _______ (fill in appropriate loved one)

5.  Did you know that air marshals are taught that it only takes 3 seconds to hijack a plane.  So they are trained to prevent a hijacking in less than 3 seconds?  A space shuttle launch can be aborted in less than 3 seconds.  Basketball’s 3 second rule.  72% of people judge another person within the first 3 seconds of meeting them.  The “Intelligent Knife” can tell surgeons if tissue is cancerous within 3 seconds.  40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds for it to load.  The Concorde could travel 1 mile in 3 minutes. And last, but not least, the Abbotsford Heat scored 2 goals within 3 seconds in the AHL.

It would seem that a lot can be accomplished in 3 seconds.

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