I think that we should ban all red Ford F-150’s

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Okay, before Ford or Ford drivers start responding in anger, let me finish.  I don’t blame the truck or the alcohol for the crash.

This is why I am so insistent on using the term Drunk/Impaired  Drivers instead of Driving.  People so often want to blame the problem on the alcohol. The last time I checked, a bottle of wine or a two-four of beer cannot drive a vehicle by themselves.  Nor can a vehicle do Tequila shots.  The problem with blaming the alcohol is that we are taking the responsibility for the act away from the person that chose to drink, that chose to get drunk, that chose to dig their keys out of their pocket/purse, that chose to walk to their vehicle, that chose to unlock their vehicle, that chose to climb into their vehicle, that chose to put the key into the ignition, that chose to turn that key, that chose to put their car in gear, that chose to attempt to drive it home.

Yes, Drunk Driving does kill but more importantly Drunk Drivers kill other , innocent people.  People that are just going about their daily lives – driving to and from work, taking their kids to their activities and school, driving to and from the cottage or camping or vacation – are killed every day by someone that has made a conscious decision to break the law. It’s simple, in Canada, Impaired Drivers kill innocent people EVERY SINGLE DAY.  That number does not include the Impaired Drivers, only the victims. They have weighed  the risk of getting caught and the measly penalty that they may incur versus your and your family’s safety.  Guess what ? You lose.

I have repeatedly heard the same story where the victim of a drunk driver invariably is blamed by the courts. ‘ You pulled out too soon, you pulled out too late, you didn’t drive defensively enough, you shouldn’t have driven down that road, you should have known there was a blind spot, you should have reacted faster ‘(forget that they didn’t react at all), I could go on and on.  Hello???  Has anyone else heard of “Victim Blaming”?  It’s just not acceptable in this country in this day and age and yet we, as Canadians, allow it every single day.

I say we have reached the point where we need to make a choice .  We ban alcohol, we ban all vehicles from driving, or we stop blaming everything but the drunk driver and actually hold them accountable for their actions and  enforce the laws and penalties ,as we expect them  to be, when someone chooses to drive drunk.



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