Why am I doing this to myself?

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Day 38 of my blog.  I started on August 3 and today is September 10.  There have been many days when I am wading through government statistics and reports, or papers written on “what we need to do”, or “what the cost will be”, or the Charter of Rights issues for the Impaired Drivers and truthfully I am sitting at my computer crying.  I’m crying, not just for the 1055 days, 25,320 hours, 1,519,200 minutes, or 91,152,000 seconds that we have had to live without Gracie but also for the 4220 people that have been killed by Impaired Drivers since Gracie.  Or the 185,000 people injured by Impaired Drivers..  

Then I start typing again because in the 38 days that I have been doing this blog there have been 152 Killed by Impaired Drivers in Canada and 6750 Injured Survivors of Impaired Drivers in Canada.

While our governments have been playing politics, we are being killed and maimed.  If only Impaired Drivers took vacations.

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