I am somebody

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I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.  Then I realized that I was somebody. – Lily Tomlin

There is a commonality that I have discovered between parents that have lost their children.  Despite different ethnicities, religions, age, country or province, spiritual beliefs, we all believe that someday we will see our lost (stolen) children again.  We may disagree on when, where or how and it will never be the same as holding them here and watching them grow up/grow old but ultimately we will see them again.

I very much believe this.  I don’t know when, where or how (still) but I will see Gracie again.  When I do die, she will be there to greet me and I have two choices of greetings from her.

The first is, “Mom I am so proud of what you accomplished and I really missed you.”

The second is, “Mom, why didn’t you do something to change things for other people.  You had a second chance to make things right for other families and you wasted it.”

I don’t know about you but I always wanted my daughters to be proud of me and I really don’t want to hear the first one.

The fact of the matter is that nothing that I do here will bring back my daughter, or your child, your your sibling, your mother, your father,or your aunt, or your uncle, your cousin, your friend but I can’t accept that we have to just sit by and allow other people to be thrown into the same pit we were thrown into.

So, I am asking you to be “somebody” with me.

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