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Our new logo

Thank You Jon at Synergen Studios for our fantastic new logo!

I know that a lot of people thought that I was somewhat delusional when I first started this campaign.  I started it rather quickly without thinking through the potential scale of it and steps necessary to do it but I know that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  They thought that I would put my heart and soul into making a difference only to get my heart (and sense of Canadian pride) stomped on yet again.  Well, I may very well be delusional in my thinking that I can make politicians stand up and take notice of us but at least I am gaining support in my delusions.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my husband’s friends offered to help us with a real, official, printable logo.  One that represents everyone (I hope).  Sure, there were choices that we made that clearly represent Gracie but we also tried to keep in mind that we wanted them to represent other things for other people.  We picked two different coloured shoes because Gracie always wore two different socks and often wore two different shoes (she always, “had another pair just like them at home”) but we picked pink for girls and blue for boys.  We did pick very bright colours because “bright” was Gracie’s favourite colour.  I loved the idea of “Converse” type shoes because they are a classic.  Regardless of your age or gender, you or your loved one has worn a pair in their lifetime (and they are similar to what we’ve decorated).  Finally, Jon (the artist that designed the logo) came up with the image of them looking like someone had just stepped out of them as if they were going to come back any minute to put them back on.  It’s an image that I know each of us deals with every day.  Our dog still goes to the back door every day at 3pm to wait for Gracie to come home and I still expect her to come bounding in every day from school.

I asked Jon for a logo that would impart a feeling of what we deal with constantly, whether it’s a loved one that will never fill those shoes again or, for those of us that survived, a pair of shoes that we will never wear again because of our injuries (for me it’s skates, ski boots, cycling shoes, running shoes, and high heels that sit empty – that person is gone forever).  I also asked him for something that people would come to recognize by the symbol alone – even if they’ve misplaced their reading glasses (Mom…John…Kerry…).

I think that he succeeded in all of those things, so Thank You Jon Schlaich.  You managed to get into my head (which is a pretty scary place most days) and walk me through the process to get exactly what I wanted for The Empty Shoes Project.  For everyone reading this, if you want a great looking logo from an exceptionally talented person, point your browser at Synergen Studios!

I hope that the rest of you like it as much as I do and I hope that you also feel like you can find something in it that relates to your loved one or you and inspires you to join in my delusion and send me actual, real shoes that I can display on Parliament Hill on October 21, 2013. (I need them by October 15th, so please send them soon).

I have already received a few and am going to start posting them on the website, so that people can see them already (as soon as I beg my husband to show me how).

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