I call “Bummyhead”

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I have another campaign that I’d like to start that everyone can be a part of.  I’m going to call it the “Bummyhead Campaign”.   I was going to call it the “Bullshit Campaign” but then realized that not everyone would be comfortable saying Bullshit, so I went with Gracie’s worst insult at 3 years old.

We have been sold a false bill of goods in this country and we haven’t questioned it.  The story that we have been led to believe is that we are all potential drunk drivers because we all have access to cars and alcohol. (I guess we should be thankful that we don’t all have access to guns and bullets otherwise it would be the Wild West out there.  And I guess that we should be glad that we don’t all have access to other people’s belongings otherwise we’d all be stealing from each other.  After all, apparently none of us has any self control).  The truth of the matter is that most of us will never drive drunk a) because we would never want to harm ourselves or someone else b) because it is the law or c) because are perfectly capable of making a responsible choice even before we have our first drink.

So the real truth of the matter is that we are all potential victims of drunk drivers.  If you are on the road at any given time of the day or night, someone you pass will be a drunk driver. Just because they manage to not hit you and injure or kill you does not make what they’re doing any more right.  They have made a choice that it is okay to play Russian Roulette with your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The idea to the “Bummyhead Campaign” is to bust as many of the myths about drunk driving/drivers as possible.  The name Mythbusters was taken, hence Bummyhead.  The next time someone presents you with one of these myths I am giving you permission to call them a Bummyhead (or Bullshit if you prefer) and explain to them that you know the truth.

The first myth is the two-drink defence (as it is known to police officers across the country).  Come on admit it, we’ve all heard it.  “The law sucks, man.  I only had two drinks while I was watching the game/after work/hanging out (pick one, any one) and I got charged with Over .08.  I wasn’t anywhere near drunk.  I just hadn’t had enough sleep that night.”

The average hockey game (yes, I’m using the standard time interval that all Canadians understand) is 3 hours.

  • 170 pound man/5 beers/3 hours/.068
  • 170 pound man/9 beers/3 hours/.16
  • 210 pound man/5 beers/3 hours/.045
  • 210 pound man/7 beers/3 hours/.084
  • 210 pound man/11 beers/3 hours/.16
  • 120 pound woman/3 wine/3 hours/.04
  • 120 pound woman/6 wine/3 hours/.16
  • 160 pound woman/4 wine/3 hours/.04
  • 160 pound woman/9 wine/3 hours/.15

Only 4 things affect a persons’ BAC.  Their gender, their weight, the number of hours that they have been drinking and how many drinks they have consumed.  The amount of food has some affect but not a lot.

So, as you can see, no  one has 2 drinks to get over .08.  not even close.  Also, for the record, a bottle of wine is between 4 and 5 servings, so when a woman registers at .13 BAC after 3 hours of drinking at a public function and then says she is sorry for her mistake.  She should never have had that extra glass of wine – one wonders if her glass of wine wasn’t more of a bottle  with a straw shape.

As for the mens’ weights that I picked, well if you have ever met my family you would understand that I came from a long line of leprechauns but married into a family of trees.  As for the womens’ weights, myth has it that there are 120 pound women out there (probably hanging out with the leprechauns) even if we can’t see them.


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  1. Thank you Julie. You hit the nail on the head.

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