That’s When My Brain Went spdddd (insert raspberry sound here)

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So, last week we finalized the new logo.  Again, thank you to Jon for making the process as simple as possible.  He broke the process down to the point where every day or so I had to make a choice between a few different ideas he had.  Sounds simple enough….unless you have scrambled eggs for brains.  What it meant (and those of you with, or dealing with, someone with a bran injury is that IT IS MAKING A CHOICE EVERY DAY – not something that we deal well with.)

Then we get the logo all straightened out and my John (no not a spelling mistake. 2 separate Jon/Johns) says, “Okay, now what ‘tag line’ do you want on the cards.”.  To which I replied, “What????” .  And that’s when my brain went spdddd.       I have spent the last few days trying desperately to come up with a very short (6 words) tag line that defines what The Empty Shoe Project is about and it’s not working.  My language pathologist would laugh that it’s because I don’t do “convergent thinking” very well anymore.

So, I am going to do something that will absolutely floor my therapists and I am going to ask for help.  I am trying to convey the idea behind The Empty Shoes Project.  I am trying to convey the feeling that we all have when we see those empty shoes in our house and know that no one is every going to walk in them again.  Or, if injured, never going to use them again.  I am trying to convey the idea that people are being killed every day and that this is completely preventable.  I am trying to convey the absolute apathy that I run into with most people about making a change to this system.  I am asking for ideas.

Please think about this and help me come up with something that best represents those that we’ve lost and parts of ourselves that we’ve lost.  I look forward to reading all of them and hopefully between us, we can come up with something because I obviously can’t do it in anything less than 360 words, which is way too long for a business card.

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