They Must Be Using “New Math”

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I have been digging through statistics – yet again- and the numbers just do not add up for me.  I may not be an accountant but I do have enough book keeping experience to know that if a business showed numbers the way the government did for Drunk Driving statistics, the auditors would be all over them.

It has been long established that 40% of all motor vehicle collisions involve alcohol.  At the best of times, Ontario just couldn’t break through the 35% mark.  I just found the most recent Ministry of Transportation report from 2010 (file://localhost/Users/juliewynen/Desktop/ and it has the rate of of conviction for motor vehicle collisions at 1.4% of all collisions.  That means that the other 38.4% of motor vehicle collisions involving alcohol were not prosecuted as a criminal act in the courts.

Another way of looking at this is that imagine that you owe $4000.00 in income tax for the year but only paid $140.00.  Do you think that the government would say that was good math?  How is it that we don’t hold our own government that we voted into office- that is supposed to be working for us to the same standard?

If you drink and drive and hit something or someone that is a criminal act under the criminal code.

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