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I keep getting asked, “If we want to help but have not lost someone to a Drunk Driver, what can we do to help?”

There are a few things that you can do.  The first thing that you can do is contact your local MP and MPP and insist that they do something to actually prosecute all Impaired Drivers that are involved in a crash that results in an injury or death. For most provinces that actually means a change in the legislation.  Ontario is particularly bad for the back room games played with the wording of the law, so that needs to be changed.  Any law cannot be left open for “lawyer/judge interpretation”.  The law needs to be very clear and concise – You drink, you drive, you crash, someone is injured or dies, you go to jail.

Second,  you can pass along the website so that more people can find it and more people can become involved.

Third, you can go to the Families For Justice Petition and print it off, sign it and send it back.  Actually, do this first and fax a copy to your MP and your MPP.

Fourth, I am going to make a “cheat sheet” that you can print off and spread out so that we can reclaim our language and use it properly.  Also, so that you have topics handy to make people re-think what they “know” about drunk driving in this country.

If alcohol is involved it is not an accident it is a crash.

If you drive drunk, it is not a mistake it is a crime.

If you are caught driving drunk you are a criminal.

Twice as many people are killed by Drunk Drivers than all other forms of homicide combined.  So why are only 6% of the prison population of killers in for Impaired Driving?

How can someone that killed someone while driving drunk be charged with a victimless crime?

Finally, look at your loved ones – Your children, your significant other, your parents, your siblings, your friends.  If you truly love them and want to spend a lifetime enjoying them, then join us.  Help try to stop this runaway train before it does affect you directly and you are faced with burying one of those important people or watching them suffer for the rest of their lives.


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