Apparently there are no victims of drunk drivers

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I have now spent 8 weeks poring over every study, statistic, report about Impaired Driving or Impaired Drivers and believe me there are a boatload  of them.  I have discovered a very disturbing trend among them.  Everyone seems to want to study the Impaired Drivers and their deaths and injuries but I can’t find one study about the damage done to the victims of their crime.  All of them point to a drop in the number of Impaired Drivers that are dying or are injured but there are no statistics being kept on the innocent victims of Impaired Drivers.

For anyone that is reading this from outside Ontario do not look at our rates and say, “well if they can do it, so can we.”  The truth of the matter is that most victims are not counted.  Victims are only counted if the Impaired Driver is charge with Impaired Causing Death or Injury and only 1/4 of Impaired Drivers are charged with that crime even when there is a death or injury involved.  It is a failing of our provinces courts.  It is a failing of our government and a failing of our Attorney General’s office.  Take the number that you see in the statistic and multiply it by 4.  Now you’re much closer.  Most are pled down to Over .08, which is a victimless crime.  Therefore, we are not counted among the dead and dying.

I know that sometimes making the system change seems insurmountable but remember, “Policy is made from the top down but change is made from the bottom up.”

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