Shark Week Re-Post

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This particular post has been mentioned to me as a favourite.   It is actually one of my favourites too.  It’s funny what we worry about an protect our kids from and then something comes out of left field and shows you what you should really be afraid of.   So, Gloria, this re-post is for your family.

Okay, I know that everyone is going, “huh???” but let me finish.

I was watching Shark Week (guilty pleasure) last night when I was reminded of a funny story about Grace.  We had just come back from Mexico and Gracie was telling her teacher about it and her teacher asked her what her favourite part was.  Grace told her it was swimming in the ocean.  Her teacher asked, “Weren’t you afraid of sharks?” to which Gracie replied, “More people are killed every year by falling coconuts than shark attacks.”

Someone else gave the same speech last night so I decided to look it up and sure enough 150 people die every year from falling coconuts and only 15 die from shark attacks.

It made me think about perception of risks versus real risks so I thought that I would give you some numbers to think about. (and know that there is no disrespect for anyone that has lost a loved one this way, I merely want to give people some perspective)

  • Falling Coconuts -150 -Worldwide
  • Sharks -15 -Worldwide
  • Lightning Strikes -10 -in Canada (deaths)
  • Lightning Strikes- 164 -n Canada (injuries)
  • Airplane Crashes- 200 -Worldwide (average over 10 years)
  • Scuba Diving- 150 -Worldwide
  • Mounting Climbing- 25 -Worldwide
  • Skydiving- 21 -Worldwide
  • Hang Gliding- 7- Worldwide
  • Bungee Jumping – the statistic is so low it doesn’t even come up to 1 per year – Worldwide
  • Sanctioned (with referees and rules) Mixed Martial Arts 3 (total, ever, even unsanctioned didn’t rate an annual number) Worldwide – and by the way, this sport has been banned in Ontario until very recently because of it’s inherent danger to the participants
  • Homicides from Guns- 178- Canada
  • Deaths from Drunk Drivers -1500- Canada
  • Injuries from Drunk  Drivers -64,000 -Canada

So, I guess the moral of today’s blog is:  Strap on that oxygen tank and swim with sharks (just make sure that you run quickly under the coconut trees to get to the water), climb Mount Everest, run yourself off a cliff with only a kite strapped to your back (hang gliding description, not instructions for certain mayhem), go out to BC and bungee off the bridge like Rick Mercer and Rick Hanson, learn to fly and then learn to jump out of a perfectly operational airplane.  Take up cage fighting.

Just be really careful on the roads driving there because that’s where the real danger is.

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