Great Expectations

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I was speaking with someone the other day about our children and came to a startling realization.  We have expectations for ourselves – how we should behave, how we should treat others, what we should accomplish – and those expectations are usually quite high.  Then we have expectations of our children – making their beds, cleaning their rooms, clearing the table, getting the best grades that they can, being kind to other people – and what we’ve discovered is that most children will rise to whatever expectations we have of them.  How many times have you said to a child, “I expect better from you in….” and they just do it because it is an expectation?
 But we have absolutely no expectations of our Politicians or our courts anymore.  We have given up on those.  It’s left us only with demands and disappointments. So I am proposing another change in the way that we use our language.  Instead of saying that we demand that they change the laws and enforce the laws and live up to the campaign promises that they made, perhaps we should just tell them that it is an expectation.  It’s not really up for debate anymore, I expect them to make laws and enforce them in a manner that protects the common good of the majority of Canadians.  Plain and simple, no room for discussion.  It is an expectation.

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Austria: the figure (7%) is largely underestimated. This is due to the fact that in Austria it is not allowed to check alcohol on a dead person.
Portugal: data are largely underestimated, since not all drivers are checked.

Source: Unpublished data from: Working group on achieving ambitious road safety targets: responses to the survey on road safety performance, Joint OECD/ECMT Transport Research Centre, 2005.

Few countries have sophisticated surveillance systems to monitor the involvement of alcohol in all crashes. In addition, definitions for what constitutes a drink-driving crash might differ between countries, as might the legal BAC limit or requirements for testing crash victims. For these reasons direct comparisons between countries are difficult to make. Bearing in mind some of these complications, studies from a selec- tion of countries indicate that:


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