A Thought About “Double Bunking”

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I read a newspaper article that absolutely floored me a couple of months ago and finally stopped wanting to strangle someone long enough to form a coherent rebuttal.

The article spoke about the Opposition Parties concern over the new, more strict, more punitive Impaired Driving legislation. ¬†Their big concern is that we are moving to an American style of punitive justice that will result in “double bunking” in prisons for those found guilty of Impaired Driving Causing Death and Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm if the laws are changed to close the loopholes so that they are all prosecuted (instead of the 22% that are prosecuted now) and if we impose a mandatory minimum (currently, most spend about 6 months in jail for killing someone).

I suppose the alternative of “double bunking” in our hospitals ¬†(if there is even a bed available) and cemeteries is preferred by the Opposition since that is what we are facing now.

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