This Idea May Very Well Cost Me My Canadian Passport

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I was speaking with someone the other night and they told me that Impaired Drivers are no longer killing 4 innocent people every day in Canada, it’s now 6 innocent victims every day.  That’s a 50% rise in killings every day.  Think about that for a moment.

That same day, it was all over the news in Ontario that the Toronto Maple Leafs had their home opener.   Forget wars, hunger, murders, natural disasters, medical advancements….no, the Toronto Maple Leafs had their home opener.

It got me to thinking (which is generally a very dangerous thing).  So, what I want people to do is imagine that the 6  hockey players are killed every day.  NHL, OHL, AAA, Bantam….pick an age and a league.  At least 1 per day must be under the age of 16, so pick someone young that you know.  NOW THAT might just get the Canadian collective to finally get up off of our complacent asses and do something to stop this.  That’s what finally worked for concussions even though the number 1 cause of head injury (way more serious than a concussion and often not recoverable) is still being hit by a drunk driver.  Once Sidney Crosby got a concussion, the world stopped and made the biggest deal about concussions that I’ve ever heard.  I would love to compare my brain scan to his any day.

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Children and Friends we can live without apparently but hockey players????

On that note I will end this blog and wait for the Canadian Government to release it’s own petition to have my passport revoked.

PS – speaking of petitions go to the Families For Justice Petition link on the home page, download the petition, sign it and send it back in.

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