Get Out The Calculators…Miss Julie is having a Math Class.

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1.  Jimmy is a 200lb male who has 5 beers in 3 hours.  Would his Blood Alcohol Content be over.08?

2.  Suzy’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is twice the legal limit.  She drives her car at 130km/hr in an 80km/hr zone hitting a car with a mother and child in it.  She kills the child and the mom has catastrophic injuries.  How much time will Suzy spend in Jail?

3.  Tommy has had 8 prior convictions for Impaired Driving.  He gets convicted for the 9th time.  Will Tommy lose his license permanently in Canada?

4(a).  Impaired Drivers kill 6 people everyday on Canadian Roads.  In 1 years, how many people will be killed by Impaired Drivers?

4(b).  If 20% of those victims are children  under the age of 16(rounded to an even number based on statsCan rates of 17-24% depending on the year) how many children under the age of 16 will be killed by Impaired Drivers in that same year?




Answers – 1. No, Jimmy would still be legal to drive in Canada (most other parts of the world, his ass would be in jail)

2. Probably less than 24 hours.  78% of Impaired Drivers that kill or injure an innocent party never get charged.  Only 11% of those charged receive a jail sentence and are usually out of jail in less than 10 months.

3. No.  By law, he should but it never happens.

4(a). 2190 people will be killed by Impaired Drivers in 1 year

4(b). 438 of those victims killed by Impaired Drivers will be under 16 years old (#1 cause of death in children under 16 in Canada…we should be so proud of ourselves)

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