3 years….

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Grace Nicole Wynen  11 years old taken 2 week before the crash

Grace Nicole Wynen
11 years old
taken 2 week before the crash


It’s been 3 years since I’ve heard my baby’s voice because one man chose to drink, get hammered and drive home at speeds well in excess of the 80km/hr speed limit. He was so drunk that he never even took his foot off of the gas pedal – there were no brake marks. 3 years that I have missed her voice, her touch, her smell. 3 years that I have cried every day and cried myself to sleep every night – on the nights that I even managed to sleep. 3 years of watching what’s left of my family suffer and slowly fall apart. 3 years of people telling me that it was an accident (no it was a crime). 3 years of politicians lying to us that things are getting better (they’re getting worse). 3 years of politicians saying that they are going to be tough on crime (we’re still waiting). 3 years of being told that “violent crime” rates are dropping (I think that plowing into the side of a car and breaking 20+ bones in a child’s body and causing injuries that lead to her death would be considered a violent crime). 3 years of dealing with insurance companies that treat everyone as if they are committing fraud. 3 years of feeling like everyone just doesn’t get it. 5480 people have been killed by IMPAIRED DRIVERS since Gracie (most stats are 4-6 innocent victims per day). 1096 were children under 16 (most stats average about 21%). 3 years without my baby girl.

Look at the people that you love most in the world and imagine a lifetime without them.  Which one are you willing to sacrifice to an Impaired Driver?

Because at the rate that we are going…you will lose someone that you love to an Impaired Driver.3

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