Just Shake it Off

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It seems like all that I have heard about the last couple of years is concussions in hockey players and “poor Sidney Crosby”.

Well, here’s my response to that…the number one cause (by far) of Traumatic Brain Injury (a concussion is a bruise a TBI is scrambled eggs for brains) is still Motor Vehicle Collisions.  40% of Motor Vehicle Collisions in Canada involve alcohol (World Health Organization stat over .08 BAC). Therefore, the number 1 cause of Traumatic Brain Injury is Impaired Drivers.

As for the Sidney Crosby issue, he was cross checked by a 200lb forward going about 30km/hr and no one questions his injuries.  I was cross-checked by a 3000lb truck going at least 120km/hr and have to prove to insurance adjustor that I’m not committing fraud and explain to people every day that, “No, I will not be expecting a full recovery in my lifetime.”

So Sidney…..shake it off.  I’m expected to and no one is paying me a Million dollars plus per year to do it.

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