“Courage is Grace under pressure” -Ernest Hemingway

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To anyone that is reading this and knows me, the irony of me having an Ernest Hemingway quote is not lost on me.  I hate Hemingway.  Please don’t hold it against me.  I just was Hemingwayed to death by a Grade 11 English teacher that made us study Hemingway for an entire year – 2 months on just “The Old Man and the Sea (a 96 page book). I just couldn’t resist the quote because it is so true.

Anyway,  the last couple of days I have received a lot of notices from people talking about our family’s courage in making the decision to donate Gracie’s organs.  I think that I need to clarify that.  My daughter Gracie was brave, my daughter Hannah is so brave, my husband John is also very brave, I did not make the choice out of bravery.

I was shoved into a big dark pit by someone’s criminal act.  Other families were standing on the edge of that same dark pit.  Not donating Gracie’s organs would have pulled 8 other families into that same pit.  That would not have made the pit any less dark and scary…..just more crowded.

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