Great Expectations

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Expect….it’s a word we don’t use often enough.  We use want, desire, hope, need, demand but not expect.

Yet there are certain things that we should expect.  The doctors and nurses weren’t’ sure that I would ever talk or walk again.  My husband didn’t say that he wanted, desired, hoped, needed or demanded that I would walk or talk again, he just expected that I would.  Since he expected it, it just did it without any question. That’s why I’m up and moving….it was expected.

I think that  is what has become wrong with our society….we hope that since we follow the rules, that others will.  So, I am saying let’s change that.

I expect that since I follow the rules that others will.  If they don’t then I expect our police to arrest them, I expect our Crown Attorneys to prosecute them, I expect our judges to sentence them appropriately, and if there is a flaw in the system which prevents any of that from being done then I expect our politicians to fix the laws so that  the system can work to punish (yes I used the “p” word) the offenders.

I expect everyone that reads this blog to print off the Families for Justice Petition  (the link is on the right hand side of this blog), sign it, find 5 other people to sign it and send it back to 4 Country Spring Walk, Conestogo, ON, N0B 1N0.

It’s not a perfect petition, it’s not going to fix everything wrong with the court system when it comes to Impaired Drivers but it is a start and I expect my politicians to listen to the 60,000+ signatures that we have already collected.  I also expect to add at least another 60,000 signatures to the list so pass it along…see how many signatures you each can collect.

I expect your help because it is for your kids that we are doing this.  Those of us involved in Families for Justice, our kids have already been killed and our expectations have not been met by our country, so I think that we all deserve to expect you to step up for your own family now.

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