Joy To The World

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joy\ ‘joi\ n.  1. feelings of great happiness or pleasure, especially of an elevated or spiritual kind  2. a pleasurable aspect of something, or something that is seen a s a source of happiness

There is a sign taped to Gracie’s headboard and it has been there since before she could read (she had me read it to her then promptly cut it out and taped it there). Why would she tape something like this to her headboard, you ask?  Well, that was Gracie.

She read this aloud every morning when she woke up and every night before she went to sleep.  As far as she was concerned this was her job in life.  Not just to find joy but to bring joy.  If I were asked to only use one word to describe her that would be it (not that she was perfect but that she was joyous).

So, this holiday season every time you see the word JOY anywhere (and believe me it is every where) remember that one child that truly knew what that word meant is not here to share it any more.  Someone that defined Joy in the way that she lived and treated people, was stolen from all of us and can no longer bring Joy To The World.  

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