I Did Not Lose My Daughter….

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I hate that phrase, “I’m sorry that you lost your daughter.”

I didn’t lose my daughter.  That would have been irresponsible. I have always known exactly where she was.  That is what any good parent does….and I am a good parent.

Children are not shoes, keys, or an IPod.  They are not items to lose…they are people to be treasured. Sadly, because they are treasures they can be stolen.  That is what Impaired Drivers do.  They steal our loved ones’ futures.

I often think that we would gain more traction with the courts if we did look at our children as possessions.  Then maybe their theft would be taken as a serious crime instead of a “loss”.

4 Responses to I Did Not Lose My Daughter….

  1. To me, this is the best post you have written so far. A stark reminder that we do seem to emphasize things over people. Topsy turvy values.

    • Thanks Jody. It has been written for a while but I always worried it sounded too rude to publish. I think that I’ve finally passed the point of worrying about being rude. Topsy Turvy is a perfect way of describing what life is like after someone you love is killed by an Impaired Driver.

  2. Thanks for this. I didn’t realize how a seemingly ‘regular’ thing we say could just someone. I’m terribly sorry your daughter was stolen from you.

    And I’m so proud of you & this project.

    Be encouraged. All the way from Bombay, India.

  3. Could *Hurt someone

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