The Problem is Not Impaired Drivers, It’s Heart Disease

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Now that I have your attention with what would seemingly be a comment from way out in left field allow me to clarify.

If you are in an Motor Vehicle Collision in Ontario and die at the scene, your death certificate says under Cause of Death – Injuries from an MVC (motor vehicle collision).

If you are taken to the hospital and die at a later date, under Cause of Death – multiple organ failure, cardiac arrest, brain trauma, or blood loss, or whatever caused you to die while in the hospital.

If you look at Gracie’s Death Certificate it says under Cause of Death – Cardiac Arrest.  No reason listed as to why an otherwise healthy 11 year old child died of a heart attack.   As far as the Government of Canada/Ontario is concerned my baby girl did not die because her body was so badly broken from being hit by a 2000lb truck going 120km/hr+.  Nope, there is absolutely no mention of a Motor Vehicle Collision even being involved so she doesn’t count in the stats for the Ministry of Transportation or The Ministry of Justice.

So apparently we do not have a problem with Impaired Drivers but maybe someone should take a serious look into the large number of Heart Attack deaths among the under 16 set in Ontario.

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