Lip Service

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I can’t even say that it’s just the government that pays lip service to Impaired Driving.  Wherever I go, there is great debate about gun registry laws.  Although people disagree on how to lower the number of gun deaths, there is great disagreement on how to do it.  Yet, we are quite content to spend 1+Billion dollars per year on prevention.  We don’t even flinch at that an yet the numbers still show that 80% of gun deaths are suicides.   We don’t spend $1+Billion dollars on suicide prevention programs…no we spend it on gun registries.

It shouldn’t be surprising then that we spend $81 Billion dollars on cleaning up after Impaired Drivers….not on prevention…not on punishment…just on cleaning up the carnage that they leave in their wake.

It should also be noted that there were 170 gun homicides last year and yet there were approximately 2000 Impaired Driver Homicides last year.  Sadly, I can only give an estimate on the number of Impaired Driver Homicides because no one keeps an accurate account.   If you don’t die at the scene and if charges for Impaired Driving causing Death are filed by the Crown Attorneys, then apparently you didn’t die at the hands of an Impaired Driver.

When are we going to learn that a car/truck is a deadly weapon just as much (more so) than a gun?  The only real difference is, for most people, that if you were to fire a gun at a person’s chest (a target of a person at a gun range) most of us would probably miss.  If you were to aim a vehicle at a person’s chest most of us would be hard pressed to miss.

Lip Service = I see the lips moving , saying what needs to be done but still nothing’s happening.

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