So Many Shoes

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“Our roads are littered with Empty Shoes.”

I think that may be the empty shoes tag line.   What do you guys think?

The Trans-Canada Highway is 8030km long according to Wikipedia.

Gracie and I were hit on October 21, 2010.

By June 21, 2014 , we could officially put a memorial marker at each kilometre of the Trans-Canada Highway from coast to coast for the Canadians  that have been killed by Impaired Drivers since Gracie was killed. (a)

One person for every kilometre from coast to coast.

“Our roads are littered with Empty Shoes”

(a)  calculated at 6 victims per day.  MADD statistics estimate 4 per day but also acknowledges it is probably low, so I choose 6.  I recognize that keeping statistics on this in Canada is poorly done.  After all, according to Stats Can our Gracie died of Cardiac Arrest, not a car crash.


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