Big Shoes to fill

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I did an interview today with an intern from our local paper.  She is a friend of my niece and nephew.  One of the questions that keeps coming up is, “Describe Grace. What was she like?

Wow, where to start.  Probably at the beginning.  Grace was born 3 1/2 weeks early at about 4am (excuse the possible inconsistencies in the timeline – I was just a little pre-occupied.) in the spare bedroom at my mother’s house.  So not in the birth plan.  We were at my father-in-laws birthday party and had left to pick up our older daughter from Gma’s house and then go home.  Hannah was already asleep and I, the DD that night (me), was too tired to drive the 30 minutes home.  So, just to be safe we stayed.  Funny, it just occurred to me that I don’t think that we ever got another invite to stay over again.  Must be a coincidence.

We never made it to the hospital.  We never even made it out of the house.  For all the myths out there about how to sober up quickly, I’m pretty sure that John was stone-cold sober the second he heard me say, “We’re having this baby HERE  and we’re having this baby NOW.” Yep, I actually said those words in capital letters.  Think Linda Blair’s voice in The Exorcist.  My head may have even spun around.

That was Gracie’s introduction into the world.

Not much changed actually.  One of her favourite things to do was to slide across the tile floor into the living room and announce, “Yo, yo, yo. Gracie’s in da house.”  – pretty much sums up her birth.

You can ask anyone that ever met her.  Everyone has a Gracie story.  I could use up every blog with another story.

So the question becomes, how do you sum up a person in a couple of sentences – or a pair of shoes?  You don’t.  I guess that’s why I am hoping that we get multiple shoes for each person.  Because to each of us left behind, our loved ones meant something different, something individual.  What you remember most about them, other people may not remember at all.

I want to tell the complete story of who was lost.  I want the world to see a person and a personality, not just a number. At least as much as I can without actually having them there in the shoes.

PS – Grace actually did have big shoes to fill too.  Size 11 Ladies , “to match her age”.

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