A thank you and a correction

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I know that this is the second post today and I won’t normally do this but I wanted to thank Katie Starr for her story in the paper.  I was worried about how it would get portrayed (not so big on the trusting of peoples’ motives anymore) and she did a wonderful, respectful piece.

There was one mistake, which I know most people make, which I feel the need to correct.

The other driver was only charged with Over .08.  He wasn’t found  not guilty of Impaired Driving Causing Death or  Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm, the Crown Attorney didn’t even charge him with those (I have since learned that that is more often the case than not in Canada).   He pled Guilty to the Over .08 charge and was given a 1 year licence suspension and a $1250.00 fine ($250.00 over the usual fine “because of the seriousness of the outcome” (paraphrasing the judges words there , not mine – I think that I would have preferred that they didn’t add that.  It was just another slap in the face that they put a $250.00 price tag on Grace’s life).

That is kind of my issue with the law and the system we have for enforcing it.  As any of you know that have been tossed into the mire we call the Criminal Courts, it’s broken.  We actually have the laws in this country, their just written in a way that you could drive a truck through the loopholes.

Thank you for reading the second post today and I will refrain from doing this too often.

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