Politics, Religion, and Money

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They (whomever they are) say that you should never discuss politics, religion or money with your friends.

That is a sentiment that I subscribe to (okay friends and family, you may laugh now).  The truth is though that you would be hard pressed to find anyone that truly knows my spiritual beliefs.  And if you polled my family members (John’s family included) and friends they would each tell you a different political party that I support mostly because I am of Irish descent and we love nothing more that to “stir the pot” in political discussions. Even my husband of 20 years doesn’t know who I have voted for (that’s why it’s a secret ballot).  And as for money, most of the people that know us neither know how much/little we’ve made year to year nor how much this crash has cost us (in dollars and cents – they have a vague idea of what it’s cost us personally and I hope to God /Allah/Buddha/Ghanesh/ No One -that’s for the Atheists- that they never know because that would mean that they’ve lived it too).

This blog will attempt to follow the same format because the truth of the matter is that drunk drivers do not stop, take a survey, read your answers, make a decision based on those answers and then ram their vehicle into you.

I may discuss any one politician or party if they are truly willing to help with our cause but my greatest hope is that they will put aside petty differences and realize that we, the victims of drunk drivers, for all of our differences – age, ethnicity, religion, province, jobs, marital status, sexual orientation – we have the most important thing in common.  We have all had someone that we loved ripped from our lives.

For spiritual beliefs I will not say what I believe either (my grandfather was an Irish Catholic who married a Scottish Presbyterian.  If you look up the history of Ireland, you can understand why their marriage could only work if religion became a private issue, not to be discussed openly).  The only thing that I will say – and this is more of an observation than a religious conviction – I have found myself wondering if Atheists don’t have it backwards.  They don’t have any belief in God but I’m pretty sure that if I was God, I wouldn’t have any belief in Man.

As for money, now that I will be discussing, probably ad nauseum (can’t remember the spelling on that. sorry if it’s wrong).  I’ll start with the fact that Impaired Driving costs Canada $20,000,000,000.00 to $25,000,000,000.00 EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

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