There’s More Cost Than Just the $1000.00 Fine

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I swear that if I hear that one more time from someone that thinks they know how the system works….well, I hope that you will all be my email jail buddies.

So let’s just break down  their costs versus our costs shall we:


Fine                                                                                                                   $ 1000.00

Court Costs                                                                                                            $ 3000.00

Lawyers Fee                                                                                                            $ 5000.00

Ignition Interlock                                                                                                  $ 1000.00

Miscellaneous Fees                                                                                                $ 1000.00


Total                                                                                                                        $11,000.00


Ambulance Fees for and 11 year old girl and her mother                                    $    500.00

The Costs to bury and 11 year old child                                                            $10000.00

(John here –  a special thank-you to Erb and Good, they reduce the material costs of a childs funeral by half.  Even if that were not the case I would still use them as they are a tremendous group of compassionate professionals.)

The Cost of a child’s life                                                                                    PRICELESS

2 Responses to There’s More Cost Than Just the $1000.00 Fine

  1. Marie-Josee Boily

    if we just want to review the physical cost… i mean hard cash…
    you forgot to calculate the medical cost to all tax payers; for a child and a mother in weeks of intensive care; your re-abilitation; the pain medication that you are taking and probably will have to take all your life.

  2. Actually my rehabilitation is either out of our pockets or insurance an same with any medications but because some of it is covered by the insurance companies and they are in business to make profits, you are right, they recoup those losses by everyone’s insurance going up. I don’t know what we would have done if we had been a younger couple, or a single parent. I know of several people that have been financially ruined all because they had the misfortune of being hit by a drunk driver. We were just old enough to have a retirement fund to dig into. None of it comes from the drunk driver’s pocket.

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