Balancing Act

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Some people have asked me how I can still have a sense of humour.  Well, first it’s because of Grace.  She had a wild sense of humour and I would be disrespecting her memory not to share it with people.  And second, because if I were to ever stop laughing, I would start crying and never stop.   As those of you in my shoes (shoes again) know, it hurts to breath most days much less live.

But I will say that it is a delicate balancing act.  It’s a bit like writing a book every day.  Do I write a novel that you can sit and read at your leisure.  Something that makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you think.  Or do I write it as a textbook; educating you quickly with names, dates, facts, figures, and statistics making you feel like you’re drowning in new information.  Or do I simply take the book and “whap you upside the head with it until you get it”.

Like I said, it’s delicate.

My hope is to make you think;  perhaps to change your perspective.  Sometimes the best way will be to use humour.  Sometimes the best way will be to provoke tears.  Sometimes  you will be overwhelmed by the “information dump” that I lay at your feet.

You’ll know that I’m having a really bad day if I type instructions only –

  1. Unplug computer.
  2. Close lid if using laptop.
  3. Firmly grip computer with both hands
  4. Lift computer forcefully, bending at the elbows, until you meet resistance (your forehead)

And please feel free to comment on any of my blogs.  It’s feeling a little lonely out here.  And also, please pass along the website to 25 people (at least) that you know.  Word of mouth seems to be the best way to get the word out and just because you may not have been affected, I can guarantee you know someone that has.  Please help me with this.

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