The High Cost of…..

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I recently read a newspaper article where the reporter suggested that we are paying too much money on RIDE programs and other programs to prevent/catch drunk driving/drivers.

You may be surprised to hear that I don’t disagree with the sentiment.  I grew up in a family business and survival depended on always checking to make sure that the costs were worth the benefits.

So let’s just take a look, shall we.

We currently spend between $20-$25 Billion EACH and EVERY year cleaning up the mess AFTER Impaired Drivers. (health care, courts, EMS, fire department rescue, police,….)

Most anti- Impaired Driving campaigns are funded privately now.  So, we that leaves the RIDE programs that are publicly funded for prevention.

I recently found a police statistic (6 months of searching) that stated that there were 635  victims of Impaired Drivers in 2008. (a number which is only going up)

(to the best of my knowledge, the police are the only group/organization that keeps records for the number of victims killed as opposed to Drunk Drivers killed.  Everyone else estimates)

So, I guess that the reporter was right.  What we spend on RIDE programs is a lot for 635 victims.

Of course, that same year the same police report had the number of all other forms of homicide combined was 611.

I suppose that if we really wanted to save money perhaps we should only lay homicide charges if the weapon of choice is alcohol and a vehicle.

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